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Anderson, SC 29624
P: 864-225-2551

Our Leadership

Our Leadership



The Presbyterian Church draws its name from the Greek word for Elder (presbuteros).  Presbyterian congregations are governed by Sessions, made up of elected Elders and the Pastors of the church.  Our Elders prayerfully exercise leadership and government for the life of our church, providing for our worship, learning, fellowship and service.

Class of 2020
Jack Buice 864-617-6319
David Burriss  864-844-1794
Jody Crudup 864-642-5686
Dean Hall 864-617-3903
Laura Jones 864-844-3332
Mike King 864-617-0863
Jean Mahaffey 864-340-2970
Henry Martin 864-844-3984
Trey Thomas 864-328-3274
Ethan Brock 864-332-7081

Class of 2021
Gary Akens  864-226-1144
Bette Ann Braeutigam 864-221-4295
Scott Drake 864-940-2282
Steve Hanvey 864-616-5280
Deane King 864-202-7244
Jeff Kubu 864-946-0186
Amelia Nelson 864-224-8942
Andrea Storie 864-356-1698
Matt West 864-375-1247

Class of 2022
Sandra Altman 864-933-7659
Diane Dixon 864-314-8019
Wes Edwards 864-617-5373
Ken Mattison 864-356-1843
Pat Patrick 864-934-4817
Rosanne Pruitt 864-934-1140
David Segers 864-221-8292
Nick West 803-491-7837
Debbie Williamson 864-933-1276




Deacons are officers elected to a ministry of care and compassion. They go beyond Christ’s call to love by providing an organized way of carrying the love of Jesus into the church and the community, to those who most need it.

Class of 2020
Beth Batson 864-934-3054
Laura Bell 716-432-9952
Kathryn Manson 864-617-9617
Cynthia Owens 864-451-1436
Jake Swygert 864-353-1509
Morgan DeBrew 864-373-1700

Class of 2021
Cal Brinson 803-807-3403
Brandon Clary 803-261-6231
June Copeland 864-934-6536
Ann Glenn 864-556-9390 864-226-3462
Jay Hodge, 864-245-2587,
Brantley Isom, 864-844-5275,

Class of 2022
Bee Baker 864-270-1542
Julia Evett 864-940-7288
Kimberly Grove 864-376-0178
Van James 864-844-1483
Catherine Sams Ryan 828-400-4969


Trustees are servant-leaders entrusted with the management of certain permanent or designated ministry funds.